Blalock Mountain Sunset Timelapse

Somehow winter is passing quickly for me this year.  It seems like yesterday I was fishing in a t-shirt catching early steelhead on the Grande Ronde while rowing hard to avoid the many rocks at low water.  Two months of barely keeping up with work and daily tasks and all of a sudden the days are getting longer and warmer.  It wont be long until we are floating the river again catching steelhead.

For now, I am trying not to fall too far behind and not get in too bad of shape for hiking when spring comes.  I have several posts I need to catch up from last year –more river trips down the Grande Ronde, a fly tying video I took last year but haven’t had the time to edit showing how to tie the Hedgehog, and hikes into the Minam River through the Eagle Cap Wilderness– but for today I will share with you my first attempt at capturing a sunset in a timelapse video I made from Blalock Mountain up the South Fork of the Walla Walla.

Good time-lapse video is amazing.  I am just learning how to do time-lapse so I have plenty of room to improve, but this short video of the sun setting on Blalock Mountain is cool if not amazing.  From the spot I took the video I can usually see the Walla Walla Valley all the way over to the Tri-Cities (Pasco, Kennewick, Richland).  On this day, I was above the clouds and it looked like an ocean lapping up the sides of Blalock Mountain.  Multiple jets go zipping by in the sky and the stars eventually appear in the upper right hand corner.  This first attempt took me hours to shoot and hours to process.  Simply not breaking my neck getting back down the mountain in the fog and dark was a feat.  With a little practice I hope to bring you some better examples and be sure to watch it in HD and full screen if your internet connection allows, otherwise it doesn’t look nearly as good.


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