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I have been fighting a cold for a little over a week now.  Last weekend I stayed home and tied up some flies.  I had been meaning to make some instructional videos and take step by step photos for some time.  Taking the video and pictures is the easy part.  Figuring out how to edit and organize things is a little harder.  I have never done any of this before so to say the least I have been struggling a little.  I still haven’t figured out an easy way to do the step by step photos, so for now I will post up the video.  Once I get the step by step photo part done I will post that as well. 

Over time I will be adding more fly patterns and then organizing links to them on the fly tying page.  I know when I was first learning to flyfish and tie flies, I would have loved to have step by step videos and instructions.  So for those of you who have no interest in tying flies, I apologize for boring you.  If you subscribe in the top right hand corner of the page, you can subscribe to categories.  If you are not into fly tying, simply uncheck the fly tying category box and you wont be notified when I post fly tying stuff.  I am beginning to get over the cold so I should be heading back out to the river soon.

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