Fly Tying

Tying the Woolly Bugger






Tying the Flashback Stonefly






Tying the Simple Egg







Tying the Glo Bug






Tying the Double Bunny

4 Responses to Fly Tying

  1. Bob Pekich says:

    Retired to W2 because I spent so many vacations in the Eagle Cap (Red’s Horse Ranch and, later, the Minam Lodge. Really enjoy your blog. I’m getting a little long in the tooth for the “Rambo goes fishing” aspects of hiking and camping. Please consider me a vicarious companion. Thanx.

  2. Tony says:

    Hey Grant,
    Just subscribed to your blog….but you know I’ve been following…

    I like the new tying section, Great job on the bugger video too. I’ve added more Wooley Buggers to my box since I’ve been following your blog.

  3. jim alplanalp says:

    Enjoined all your adventures. Built a cabin on the Eden bench road east of Hayfers about 5 miles in 1976. Loved every minute in that country. Packer in Troy took a dozen of us up the Wenaha 12 miles to a spike camp over a Memorial day week end. Troy was a joy in those days. Wondering if you ever finished a review of switch rods. Had a couple of rods made by the proprietor of the Minam store. Jim, can’t recall last name.

    • grant says:

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the kind words. Do you still have your cabin on Eden Bench?

      I never have finished the switch rod review. I really need to, but time is too often in short supply these days. Jim Horn is who you would have bought the rod from at Minam. We bought the Minam Store, raft rental, and shuttle business from him and his wife Melva and moved everything across the river to the Minam Motel.

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