Night time view of Martins Misery via time lapse

I have been shooting time-lapse sequences over the past year on the Grande Ronde and hope to have enough of them to put into a little longer video soon.  For now here is a taste of the evening view near Martin’s Misery on the Grande Ronde on a recent guided trip.  Enjoy,


Minam Motel

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One Response to Night time view of Martins Misery via time lapse

  1. Paul McGuire says:

    Spent the week on the G.R. with Grant and Mark supporting our trip. One of the best trips ever experienced!!! And I’ve had many! Clear weather, excellent classic fly fishing for hard fighting Steelhead, wonderful campsites in historic Nez Pierce territory, and beautiful fall colors, all contributed to a magnificent experience! The meals were excellent and well prepared, and the camp equipment made for warm and comfortable accommodations! I’ll be back! Fish on!!!

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